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Hello, here’s Donata! It’s nice that you’ve visited our site! We are a group of photographers seeking in the world of photography for images that will look like life – not always beautiful and bright, sometimes a bit dirty, grainy, with hope and piercing sun. We want you to feel the smell of the wind through the pictures, so that you can move to those days that were important to you. Although in our group everyone is different, we share the love for naturalness, unposed pictures, catching your emotions and even evoking what is often hidden. We want you to feel good with us, without being embarrassed. And that’s how we chose our other elves, people – friends whom we trust. During really stressful moments, we support you, so you can enjoy what’s really important. We know how important it is to release the tension, thanks to which we can capture you completely uninhibited. If you are smiling, the pictures will make themselves. Believe us, it’s so easy!


it all started with passion

Donia i Bartek


    It looks like we are the main core of the team. It all started 10 years ago, when Bartek started to take portraits of me. With time, the hobby has become a way of life, our passion, which we wouldn’t exchange for anything else. We’ve abandoned the work in corporations, putted everything on one card and spended the last money to buy the first full frame camera. Finally, we felt that we are the right people in the right places. 😉 And this passion continues, all the time we discover ourselves in it again, trying to be better and better. We love to travel, we have loved the Balkans, especially Montenegro. During each trip we set a tripod, trying to keep our emotions wherever we are. Since we cannot treat photography as a regular job we are never tired with taking photos and our cameras are parts of our bodies. Someone wise once said: „start doing what you love and you will never work”. And that’s how we are thinking about it.
    Oh, we’re also a true cat lovers – having 4 cats is super fun! 🙂
    In addition, we love: Bach, Chopin, music from the ’90s, fast cars, escape in „our” places. We love to rent a house in Denmark and sit by the fireplace or wander all day long on the local genbrugs in search of things with a soul. We love playing HoMM 3, solve crosswords, ride spontaneous trips to the lake with a blanket and sausages. Kinda like Molotov cocktail 😉

    Why the name Eelfiki, what in Polish means little elves? Because Donata’s ears looks like Elvish. Allegedly, someone once said that 🙂



      Our gem in the crown. If Krzysztof appears at your wedding, there is a good chance that we will receive an email from you in the type of: “Thank you for Krzysztof! All friends asked us if it is our friend!” We guarantee that you will feel at ease with him. Krzysztof says that he is funny, or at least he tries to be. Whatever it means 😉 He likes coffee, rather heavier music and playing video games. And, after all, Krzysztof is a walking tech encyclopedia. If a new Canon camera appears, know that Krzysztof knows all of it details better than the producer and will purchase it soon after the premiere. He says that it is not worth writing about, because nobody will read it anyway 😉 He dresses in black because he is from the night guard 🙂

      Bartek2/Bartas vel Łysy

      Photographer and Videographer

        Television employee, camera operator, editor. In addition, husband, loving father of 2 children. He’s passion to photography started few years back, when he discovered that capturing still images can be even more satisfying than making a video. Driven by he’s passion he continues to evolve and, as he says: „he will never stop, because getting better in something is the only thing man can do in life”.
        Like our entire team, Bartek is also from the Night Watch and listens to metal music 🙂


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